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In place of the main single-screw extruder,the machine can be equipped with a co-rotating twin-screw extruder. This system entails a cost reduction of up to 30% thanks to the less expensive raw materials that can be used (types, quality and grade). This type of extruder even allows working with 100% recycled material. Another great advantage is the reduced energy consumption (up to 40% compared to a single-screw extruder). The latter is due to the more efficient kW/kg extrusion ratio. The twin-screw extruder has a high ability of mixing and homogenization of polymers such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PA and PA compatibilizers , recycled materials, various additives and materials with different MFIs. The screws are configured to plasticize a high percentage of the trimmings and to ensure high and constant pressure on the screen changer.
IMPORTANT: The technical data listed below has been CERTIFIED by analyzing CONTINUOUS line operation over a period of 24 hours, with no unexpected stops!
- MAX.OUTPUT: from 700 kg/h to 1.000 Kg/h
- MOTOR POWER: From 260 kW to 320 kW
- BARREL COOLING: Air or water cooling
- L/D RATIO: from 32:1 to 36:1

This winder can work with:

air bubble film packaging - reflective bubble foil insulation - bubble solar pool cover - air bubble film laminated with PE-foam - air bubble film laminated with LDPE film - air bubble film laminated with HDPE film - air bubble film laminated with coated kraft paper - air bubble film laminated with coated aluminium foil - air bubble film laminated with MPET film - air bubble film laminated with printed film - air bubble film laminated with non-woven - PE-foam packaging - reflective PE-foam insulation - etc.

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