DUPLEX PLUS™ - flexible automatic winder

The DUPLEX PLUS is Torninova's traditional, highly reliable tapeless and glueless turret winder consisting of two cantilever air expansion shafts with automatic inflation/deflation. Extremely reliable and powerful, the DUPLEX PLUS winds perfect quality rolls to extremely accurate lengths and widths, even when divided in-line into sub-formats. The DUPLEX PLUS can be configured to wind external bubble, internal bubble or double-system films. The DUPLEX PLUS is available with an automatic FAST LOADING system for finished roll extraction, core loading and hot-melt application (both for initial core gluing and roll closure). The DUPLEX PLUS can wind air bubble film and PE-foam of any type and thickness and can also be installed on existing production lines.


IMPORTANT: The technical data listed below has been CERTIFIED by analyzing CONTINUOUS line operation over a period of 24 hours, with no unexpected stops!
- Web widths: from 1,25 to 3,5 m
- Max. working speed: 100 m/min
- Reference: 50 m roll at 40 m/min of working speed
- Max. winding diameter: 1.400 mm
- Bubbles on inside or outside or both

This winder can work with:

air bubble film packaging - reflective bubble foil insulation - bubble solar pool cover - air bubble film laminated with PE-foam - air bubble film laminated with LDPE film - air bubble film laminated with HDPE film - air bubble film laminated with coated kraft paper - air bubble film laminated with coated aluminium foil - air bubble film laminated with MPET film - air bubble film laminated with printed film - air bubble film laminated with non-woven - PE-foam packaging - reflective PE-foam insulation - etc...

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