Forming cylinders

Forming cylinders

These chromed cylinders for bubble moulding are the most distinguishing element of Torninova’s technical know-how. A monolithic steel cylinder, with a special internal water circuit provides perfectly homogenous thermoregulation, guaranteeing the highest production performance and maximum stability with material of any thickness. The sector vacuum system used for bubble thermoforming increases efficiency and conserves power. The push-to-connect design allows for fast cylinder changes. The cylinders can be manufactured to custom bubble shapes and dimensions and are available for all types of air bubble film machinery.
IMPORTANT: Above-mentioned characteristics have been CERTIFIED by analyzing CONTINUOUS line operation over a period of 24 hours, with no unexpected stops!
- Web widths: from 1 to 3,5 m
- Moulder roller diameters: from 270 to 500 mm
- Bubble shapes: spherical, square and other shapes
- Standard bubble sizes: Ø3 - Ø6 - Ø10 - Ø15 - Ø25 -
   Ø30 mm and other diameters

These forming cylinders are for:

air bubble film packaging - reflective bubble foil insulation - bubble solar pool cover

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