TRIPLEX winder

TRIPLEX™ - fully automatic winder with very short cycle time

Torninova’s patented TRIPLEX winder is the fastest automated tapeless and glueless winder for air bubble film and PE-foam machines. This turret winder is based on a three-cantilevershaft configuration that allows extremely fast cycle changes (< 40s). The automatic loading of new cardboard cores (whole or split) and extraction of finished rolls is synchronized with a roller-table at the final collection station. The new transversal cutting system allows film to be wound without glue or adhesive tape on the core. Thanks to its advanced technology, the TRIPLEX winds various types and thicknesses of air bubble film and PE-foam, into very short roll lengths, at a speed of over 100 m/min. The TRIPLEX can also be installed on existing production lines.


IMPORTANT: The technical data listed below has been CERTIFIED by analyzing CONTINUOUS line operation over a period of 24 hours, with no unexpected stops!
- Web widths: from 1,25 to 3,5 m
- Max. working speed: 100 m/min
- Reference: 50 m length roll at 100 m/min of working
   30 s complete cycle time

- Max. winding diameter: 1.200 mm
- Bubbles on inside or outside or both

This winder can work with:

air bubble film packaging - reflective bubble foil insulation - bubble solar pool cover - air bubble film laminated with PE-foam - air bubble film laminated with LDPE film - air bubble film laminated with HDPE film - air bubble film laminated with coated kraft paper - air bubble film laminated with coated aluminium foil - air bubble film laminated with MPET film - air bubble film laminated with printed film - air bubble film laminated with non-woven - PE-foam packaging - reflective PE-foam insulation - etc.

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