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Optional equipment for stretch film machinery


4S silver

The genuine, completely automatic Quicksilver-4S winder is the fastest stretch film turret winder capable of winding both hand and machine roll formats (2 and 3-inch cores). The specially developed automatic system for core loading and roll extraction ensures a very short cycle time (10 seconds) and perfectquality film rolls. Very sophisticated electronic controls and algorithms, customised mechanical components and unique materials used on the contact and satellite rolls, allow winding of very thin film onto very thin cores—with flat edges and no wrinkles or entrapped air. A precision scale also checks the production weight of each roll. The result is high-output of perfect, ready-for-sale rolls, even for the most demanding markets. This winder is suitable for widths of up to 3 meters and can be installed on any new or existing stretch film machine a truly value-added upgrade. (more info)


4S gold

The patented Quickgold-4S winder is the most advanced turret winder for cast stretch film machines. This single-module universal winder includes all the characteristics of the Quicksilver-4S but is capable of producing rolls of stretch film in all 3 possible formats: hand, machine and jumbo (2 and 3-inch cores). This winder is suitable for widths of up to 3 meters and can be installed on any new or existing stretch film machine another valueadded upgrade. (more info)

Automatic hand-roll packaging system

automatic packaging system

The automatic packaging system is the ultimate downstream accessory for stretch film machines. With the addition of this packing station, any stretch film machine can achieve fully automatic (no operator), "granules-to-box" production of stretch film hand rolls. The automatic procedure builds the cardboard box, fills it with 6 finished rolls, and lastly, tapes the package shut. The closed box is then delivered to the end of the line for stock handling. This system can be implemented in any size machine and can manage rolls coming from 2 or more lines simultaneously. (more info)

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