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Masterbatch & Compound machinery

Torninova Corporation has a strong history of innovation and development of technologically advanced solutions modelled on customer needs; the twin-screw corotating extruder, like all Torninova Corp. installations, is based on an attentive and specific design and guarantees reliability, user-friendliness, low maintenance costs, high performance rates and energy saving.

The Torninova Corp. range includes:
A) Extrusion line for colored masterbatches, for additives and multifunctional types.
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B) Extrusion line for compounds of technopolymers and polymeric alloys.
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The Torninova Corp. installations are completed by all accessories and components necessary to carry out the compound and masterbatches production, such as the degassing groups, the side feeders of polymer mixes or additive charges and the dosing units for the additives and the pigment powders.

The Torninova Corp. twin-screw corotating extruders offer advanced and versatile solutions for the production of tecnopolymer compounds, polymeric alloys and colored masterbatches, for additives and multifunctional types.
The design and technological details of all Torninova Corp. extruders components are carefully examined in order to increase their efficiency and durability, enabling an immediate major benefit in terms of energy savings.
The Torninova Corp. corotating twin screw extruders have screw diameters available from 30 mm to 92 mm and process lengths reaching up to 42D. Larger diameters are also achievable on request.

The screws are entirely modular according to the needs and the work type; the geometric configuration of the screw is featured with selfcleaning elements mounted on splined shafts even HT (high torque).
The modular elements used for the geometric composition of the screw, either used for transport, kneading blocks, mixing or special, are bilobed or trilobed mounted along with the bilobes and can be realized with high OD/ID ratio.

The screw’s geometry
The screw’s geometry is designed to blend and uniform the compound or masterbatch viscosity in order to reduce the thermal and mechanical stress which may deteriorate the product quality, but also to ensure a maximum dispersion and distribution of additives and pigments in the polymeric matrix.

The cylinders are featured with modular elements, providing the possibility to have an internal insert in special steel or bi-metallic alloys which increases its resistance to wear, to abrasion and corrosion.
The rectangular shape of the cylinder elements ensure that the temperature distribution inside the chamber is constant and homogenous.

Cooling and thermo-regulation
The cooling system of the barrels composing the extruder cylinder is specifically conceived and designed by Torninova Corp. to achieve a better control of the temperature on both screws, along with a high energetic efficiency.
The integration of the cooling system of the barrels with the double-intervention thermal regulation and integration device guarantees the same process temperature on both screws, ensuring the optimization of the extrusion process, especially for those compounds that are thermo-sensitive to the temperature.

The transmission group, composed of the electric motor, the joint limiting the torque and above all the gearbox, are highly-technological components used by Torninova Corp. and feature twin-screw extruders because they guarantee a precise transmission and distribution of the power needed for the compounds and masterbatches. The transmission group and the extruder cylinder are fixed to a frame on a thermo-welded base; the cylinder can be supported by two saddle supports (three for special applications). The electric motor is an AC type, with a high electric and mechanical efficiency, but it is possible to use new technologies on request as well (e.g. new motor-reducers). The electric panel is fitted with a control unit with MMI-interface and with the possibility to connect the production data logger by means of an Ethernet input.

Production process completely controlled through a simple and user-friendly interface with the possibility of remote assistance and data logger through Internet or Ethernet.
The double intervention thermoregulation is integrated in the main control system with a preheating automatic system start production and it permits to obtain Δt of 1/ 2°C in comparison to the desired set-point.
A solution with independent thermoregulators is available as an alternative.

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