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Stretch film machinery

COMPACT STRETCH 2.000™ - cast stretch film machinery

compact stretch 2000

The COMPACT STRETCH 2.000 series, characterised by an incredibly compact design, is a powerful cast co-extrusion line for the production of excellent, multi-layer PE stretch film. Various co-extrusion configurations and production outputs can be chosen according to specific customer needs (3, 5, 7-layer and multi/nano layer configurations). An auto-adjusting flat die, a double chill-roll system with inner axial "torque" motors, an integrated thickness measuring device and super compact gear motors on the extruders are only a few of this machine’s special features. The COMPACT STRETCH 2.000 is an "integrated-system" developed to ensure maximum production reliability, minimum energy consumption, a user-friendly automation interface and extensive control of the winding process. The results are excellent rolls of stretch film (including "down-gauged" film) in hand, machine and jumbo formats. (more info)

COMPACT STRETCH 1.000™ - cast stretch film machinery

compact stretch 1000

The COMPACT STRETCH 1.000 series is the World's smallest and most reliable 1-meter stretch film machine. All components of this extremely compact, cast co-extrusion system (occupying less than 75 m2) have been specifically developed to enhance the flexibility offered by the machine's specific dimensions as well as to ensure production of the highest quality stretch film with the utmost reliability and energy efficiency. The  COMPACT STRETCH 1.000 produces rolls of stretch film in hand, machine and jumbo formats at surprisingly high outputs (850 kg/h), all without compromising product quality (available in 3, 5, 7-layer and multi/nano layer co-extrusion configurations). An auto-adjusting flat die, a double chill-roll system with inner axial "torque" motors, an integrated thickness measuring device and super compact gear motors on the extruders, are only a few of this machine's special features. (more info)

COMPACT STRETCH series - cast stretch film machinery

Torninova Corporation offers the market the very best in terms of stretch film production technology thanks to its thorough research and development in collaboration with Italian and American University professors, renowned European manufacturers of extruder components and experienced figures from the field of extruded stretch film. Some of our Client partners (both Italian and foreign) have also supported our research and development phases by purchasing prototype systems to scientifically test and continuously monitor every single component and process. During such tests, appropriate adjustments were made in response to real time controls under actual production conditions. The result is a perfectly integrated system of cutting edge components, calibrated and arranged into a compact, high performance cast line that provides maximum flexibility with minimum energy consumption.
Consider some hallmark components of the COMPACT STRETCH system:
The LLPOWEREX™ extruder series with screw profiles (AC motors and infrared heaters ensure limited maintenance and low energy consumption) has been specifically developed to guarantee perfect LLDPE extrusion. The SWIFTCOOL™ chill-roll unit's dual cooling rollers guarantee total material stabilisation. A dual-chamber vacuum box with automatic die adjustment and an integrated x-ray device to measure material thickness (guaranteeing accuracy even with coloured stretch film) offers the finest and fastest control features for the film extrusion process. Customers can choose from three different winding systems:

- the fast and reliable QUICKSILVER-4S™ winder (rewind cycle time of 10 seconds) directly rewinds stretch film into rolls on 2-inch or 3-inch cores (suitable for hand and machine use), in formats ranging from 100 mm to 250 mm, 450 mm and 500 mm.
- the QUICKSTANDARD-2S™ winder is the best solution for production of machine and jumbo rolls up to a maximum diameter of 500 mm, on 3-inch cores.
- the QUICKGOLD-4S™ is Torninova's patented, universal, all-in-one evolution of hand and machine roll winders. Maintaining the same characteristics, it can also produce jumbo rolls up to a maximum diameter of 420 mm. The winding cycle still remains extremely fast (around 15 seconds) without compromising the production of hand rolls, even at very high speed.

Optional roll handling features can be integrated into each winder to assure steady, highspeed cast stretch film production. For instance, the automated packaging system packs hand rolls in a 6-unit cardboard box.
Another component which sets the machine apart from others is the FULLFEED™ trimming system with a force-feed device specifically designed for the type and quantity of trimming required by a stretch film machine. A suction device completely recovers all chopped trimmings for re-use by the main extruder line, thus preventing variations in pressure and film thickness even in the event of frequent changes in production and operating speed.
The FULLFEED system eliminates potential nonuniformities in film thickness, including those in longitudinal sections.
On request, instead of the flake re-feeding system, it is possible to equip the COMPACT STRETCH with a recycling machine that completely re-granulates edge and bleed trims.

The new COMPACT STRETCH series is not a simple combination of standard components from various processes but, on the contrary, is a well-developed, well-tested, made-to-measure integrated system affording maximum simplicity and flexibility in the production of high-quality rolls of co-extruded cast stretch film.

Everyday, producers of stretch film have to face the increasing cost of raw materials, labour and energy. Producers thus find themselves in an increasingly competitive market in which prices are constantly driven down.
In these circumstances, profitable production is only attainable with a system that guarantees elevated and continuous production, 24 hours a day. Torninova Corporation has focused all of its attention on this aspect, developing and designing affordable systems for high-output production. The result has been an increase in sales and satisfied Clients in a very competitive market.

All machines are equipped with a PLC-managed control system which runs touch-screen operated supervisory software for programming and managing the entire system. The operator can use customized formulas to manage production according to the required percentage of co-extrusion and the needed production speed. Via Internet, the machine can be remotely diagnosed to provide immediate customer assistance.

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