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Technical assistance

Technical Assistance

Torninova Corp.’s integrated use of pioneering mechanics, electronics and information technology is the company’s real strength and guarantees efficient after-sales service. The diagnostic software and display panels on the machines ensure the operators maintain high levels of efficiency.

CALL CENTER: open during working hours (8 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 6 pm GMT+1, Monday to Friday), the call center offers immediate assistance and provides guidance throughout the process always putting you in direct contact with a qualified engineer able to resolve your particular issue.

TELESERVICE: with the development of new technologies and its skilled staff, Torninova Corp. can provide its customers with a remote, internet-based supervisory support system which carries out machine diagnostics and any necessary software modifications.

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: our technicians perform scheduled maintenance on our machines.

ON-SITE SERVICE: the company is constantly attentive to customer needs, so specialized technicians are available to provide assistance at the machine installation site. In the event of a malfunctioning or an unscheduled maintenance Torninova Corp. is able to ensure rapid intervention.

SPARE PARTS: Torninova Corp. guarantees its customers rapid supply of spare parts that may be needed during a machines’s entire life-cycle. As a matter of fact, a specific department manages customer relations concerning this specific sector.

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