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The experience of the Mencarelli family in the mechanical field began early in the last century, in 1925. From the moment it was founded, in 1969, Torninova’s experience gradually developed, leading the company to specialize in technical support for flexographic printing machines and extrusion lines. Later, in 1993, Torninova started designing and manufacturing air bubble film and stretch film machines.

The company has always been highly involved in research and development in order to offer its customers versatile and flexible systems that combine the most innovative electronic and mechanical technologies.

A commitment to meeting the highest possible standards has led the Torninova Corporation to design its complete range of air bubble film machines, stretch film machines, flexographic printing machines, masterbatch/compound machines and to acquire top know-how in the field, now available to its customers.

Torninova S.r.l. - Via dell'Artigianato, 18 - 06083 Bastia Umbra - Perugia - ITALY
Tel. +39 075 8000655 - Fax +39 075 8003914 - e-mail: - Cap. Soc. € 200.000